The Watchguard is a complete video and audio recording system, with multiple cameras, gps, start/stop recording triggers Watchguard is the top of the line in vehicle monitoring technology.


Tremco Police Package Anti-Theft System uses you OEM shift-lock mechanism to provide hidden switch to unlock your vehicle's shift lever.

dome light
Dome Light
Dome Light

Police Package Dome Light with red and white leds.

stalker radar
Stalker Radar
Stalker Radar

The Stalker Radar is a dual antenna K BAND Moving / Stationary Radar. With DSP technology for displaying fastest and strongest vehicle simultaneously. With same and opposite direction moving modes, remote, dash or visor bracket, rear antenna bracket, certification, operators manual, tuning forks, and 1 year warranty.

Kustom Eagle
Kustom Eagle 2 Radar
Kustom Eagle

Golden Eagle 2 is a stationary or moving, one or two antenna radar system with TruTrak™, VSS, Smart Patrol Search, Fastest Vehicle mode, Same Direction mode and Stopwatch mode.


Partitions are coated in scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate or clear uncoated polycarbonate window with self locking horizontal sliding center section, powder coated metal window cover, rubber-covered, spring-loaded locking assembly, rubber padded vertical window support bars, steel seat back protector panel, all with a rugged zinc-free powder coat finish. Available with optional recessed storage panel for weapon mounts.

jotto console
Jotto Console
Jotto Console

Jotto Console replaces OEM console a provides a professional and efficient workstation for police equipment

jotto console lazy l
Jotto Console "Lazy L"
Lazy L Console

Jotto's "lazy L" is a large sized console designed for use in trucks and SUVs.

Floorplate for Console

Floor Plate Kit allows consoles and accessories to be mounted to vehicle using our No Holes Mounting System with front and rear mounting legs and easy top-down installation

mic clip
Mic Clip
Mic Clip

Mic Clips are made with a powder coated metal backing plate to ensure durability.

metal cupholder
Metal Cup holder
Metal Cupholder

Metal Cup holder designed for Jotto Desk is a two part design that allows for removal of cup holder plate for storage or cleaning.

plastic cupholder
Plastic Cup holder

Basic Plastic Cup holders for Jotto Desk accomodates multiple cup sizes

gun lock
Dual Gun Lock

Also available in single, Setina gunlocks offer the most convenient, compatable, and safe weapon storage options on the market.

Armrest and box
Armrest and Box
Armrest & Box

Armrest and Box are both options designed for Jotto consoles, the armrest offers firm, comfortable support and is also adjustable. Jotto's Storage Box offers a convient and safe locking storage compartment.

utility window armor
Window Armor
Window Armor

Jotto Window Armor is powder coated steel, protecting your vehicle while transporting prisoners

flashback shroud
Flashback Shroud
Flashback Shroud

Shroud to eliminate flashback caused by visor lights reflecting off of windshield.

cobra speaker
Radio Speaker
Cobra Speaker

Extension speaker for radio or other device with mini stereo plug.

ram stand
Ram Laptop Mount Stand
Ram Laptop Mount Stand

Stand for Ram Laptop Mount.

Ram Dock
Ram Laptop Mount
Ram Dock

Ram Laptop Docking Stations offer quality and durability.

Ram Dock B300
Ram Laptop Mount for Getac B300
Ram Mount for Getac

Ram Laptop Docking Stations are made vehicle specific to best suit your needs.

gamber johnson dock
Gamber Johnson Laptop Mount
Gamber Johnson Dock

Gamber Johnson Laptop mounts are customized to your specific model vehicle.

GJ base
Gamber Johnson Stand Base
Gamber Johnson Base

Base for Gamber Johnson Mounting Stand.

motion attatchment
Gamber Johnson Swivel Bracket

Swivel Brackets for Gamber Johnson Mounts.

tablet cradle
Tablet/Notepad Cradle
Tablet Cradle

Gamber Johnson Mount for Notepads and Tablets

upper pole
Gamber Johnson Pole
Upper Pole

Pole for Gamber Johnson Stand Assembly.

pb400 sedan
Pushbumper for Sedan
Pushbumper for Sedan

Setina Pushbumper for Sedan, other light and mounting compatibility options are available

utility push bumper
Push Bumper for Utility
Pushbumper for Utility

Setina Pushbumper for Utility.

wrap arounds
Push Bumper with Wrap Arounds
Wrap Arounds

Wrap Arounds mount to pushbumper to provide greater protection.

Ranch hand
Ranch Hand Bumper Replacements
Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand Complete Bumper Replacements are available for your vehicle, Ranch Hand is the #1 name in quality bumper replacements.

12 pt. fuse block
12 Point Fuse Block
12 Point Fuse Block

12 Point Fuse Block for blade type fuses.

6 pt fuse block
6 Point Fuse Block
6 Point Fuse Block

6 Point Fuse Block for blade type fuses.

150 amp breaker
150 Ampere Breaker
150 Amp Breaker

150 Ampere Max. Circuit Breaker.

150 amp breaker marine
150 Ampere Breaker-Marine Grade
150 Amp Breaker Marine

150 Ampere Max. Marine Grade Circuit Breaker.

Disconnect Switch

High Amperage Master Disconnect Switch

marine grade disconnect switch
Disconnect Switch-Marine Grade
Marine Grade Disconnect

High Amperage Marine Grade Master Disconnect Switch.

power point
Power Point Setup
Power Point Setup

Power Point Setup includes a fuse block and a master switch mounted to a custom fabricated plate specifically for your vehicle.

charger power panel
Power Setup for Charger
Charger Power Setup

Power Setup for Charger includes fuse block and master switch, as well as a flasher module to flash the rear OEM lights on the Dodge Charger.

12v plug
12V Plug
12v Plug

12 Volt Plug can be mounted in Jotto Console or anywhere you please with included mounting bracket.

200 amp relay
200 Ampere Power Relay
200 Amp Relay

200 Ampere Max. Power Relay

Bosch Style Relay

5-Pin Bosch Style 12v 30/40amp Relay

battery seperator
Battery Seperator
Battery Seperator

Battery Seperator Designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system Allows multiple batteries to be charged from one charging source Prioritized charging, charges primary battery and then remaining batteries Uni-directional: charge two batteries from one source Interconnect/controller: can be used as a uni-directional or bi-directional separator, or low voltage disconnect (LVD), where the solenoid opens when battery voltage drops too low, or an Isolator/interconnect, which provides isolated charging of two batteries from one source Isolates batteries when fully charged Protection circuitry absorbs coil generated voltage spikes Prevents charging system overload Start assist feature parallels batteries for added power during start Universally suited for mounting on tow vehicles 5/16" x 24 studs -40°F (-40°C) to 185°F (85°C) SAE J1455, SAE J1113 12 volts, 200 amp max.

ac converter
AC Converter
AC Converter

AC converter converts your cars 12v output into 2 110v plugs and a USB plug for your laptop or other 110 outlet accessories.

800mhz antenna
800 MHZ Antenna
800mhz Antenna

800MHZ Antenna for Radio Transmitting.

low band antenna
Low Band Antenna
Low Band Antenna

Low Band Antenna for Radio Transmitting.

rain cap
Antenna Rain Cap
Rain Cap

Rain Cap for Coax Antenna Mounts that are not in use.

tow hitch t harness
Tow Hitch T-Harness
Towing T Harness

Towing Harness that connects to your car via T connector for a quick and easy installation.

tow hitch harness
Tow Hitch Harness

Standard pigtail Towing Harness pigtail.

911 custom box
911 Custom Box
911 Customs Box

Custom Boxes by 911 Customs provide excellent CUSTOM storage solutions for your vehicle.

mobile strong
Mobile Strong
Mobile Strong

Mobile Strong Boxes offer quick and easy storage solutions for your vehicle.