sw610-ta controller
Axixtech Traffic Arrow
SW610 Controller

Directional Arrow Switch Control.

etsa380mf controller
ETSA380MF Controller
ETSA380MF Controller

Basic Siren Light control all in one module. 8 output button switches plus 3 position slide switch, siren tone selector and radio through siren option.

Carson Amp
Siren Amplifier
Carson Amp

Siren Amplifier with tone selectoion, horn and manual switches, and radio through siren option.

Carson Controller

Dip-switch Programmable, this siren light controller is enabled with ignition, siren cut on door open or park engagement, activated and cycled with horn, has 6 button switches and 3 position slide switch, with tone selector and radio through siren option.


Remotely mounted module, with handheld controller is completely programmable. 12 switches can be programmed to do whatever you desire with your siren and lights such as; horn activation, siren-cut in park or door ajar, alert when lights are on and much more.

cen com
Cen Com Sapphire

The CenCom Sapphire is the ULTIMATE in siren light control. The Sapphire has 18 Button switch and 3 position slide switch control head with remotely mounted siren amp/light output module. The Sapphire comes with its own software to program the control head to utilize any of its functions including: Ignition enable, siren cut in park or driver door ajar, power load management, dimming backlight, alert when lights are on, tone selector, horn, manual switch, auxiliary activation and much more.